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Hi folks,
Sorry for the lack of presence on the server and on the forums. Recently I had my whole world turned upside down and have been trying to deal with a lot of personal stuff. Hopefully that will be over soon, but I have not been able to be on top of anything on the server in the last few weeks. Paw has also been dealing with a lot of personal stuff and so our opening has been delayed. I understand that our personal issues are not your problem but I ask for a little understanding. Things should be getting back to normal soon and progress will resume.

In the meantime, Skywars is up now and I hope people have been having fun on it. I know Thane has already been into the void but I suggest that a few people join him and show him a game can be fun instead of letting him play in the void.

Thanks for the patience you have shown and when I have an update I will let you know. Fingers crossed.
We are not quite 100% ready to open but we decided that it is time to give you all a peek at our new world!

We have opened our hub for you to explore while we finish up the final details on our servers. As each server is completed we will open it up over the course of the coming week. We hope you like what you see.

Also our TTT server is up and running so please check it out!
Welcome to Helios Gaming!

Helios Gaming started as a dream between three individuals who wanted to build a different type of gaming community, one that had evolved from just Minecraft to include other types of games.

Starting with just a few servers our hope is to provide a great gaming experience with a close knit community that keeps players coming back. Having fun and making friends with games that you love is our goal.

We have big plans for the future but we are dedicated to making each addition perfect for our players to ensure your continued enjoyment. So join us on this journey to build an incredible environment for players to have fun met new people and make friends.