1 year of Helios

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May 1, 2017
It may be hard to believe, but its now been a full year since Helios was first revealed, ok as the first announcement was a year ago today I didn't know some of you were here a day earlier. To celebrate a year of Helios, this thread exists to look back at some of the best threads posted here over the last 12 months, share funny moments from the discord and discuss what we think should happen here in the future.

Here are the threads which I think should be on here, whether its good news, bad news, a suggestion or just discussion.
30 April 2017, first announcement https://heliosgaming.net/threads/welcome.3/
1 June 2017, go check out skywars https://heliosgaming.net/threads/update.56/
29 April 2017, staff quotes https://heliosgaming.net/threads/in-famous-staff-quotes.2/
1 May 2017, non-staff quotes https://heliosgaming.net/threads/in-famous-non-staff-quotes.12/
17 September 2017, server going in new direction https://heliosgaming.net/threads/jump-start.97/
25 October 2017, first release of forest https://heliosgaming.net/threads/our-first-game.100/
29 October 2017, random video cesspool https://heliosgaming.net/threads/helios-unrelated-videos.102/
8 March 2018, RIP Moon, we will all miss you https://heliosgaming.net/threads/gone-but-not-forgotten.122/

Discord moments

how john.jpg
@ToxicEmma how John do you think Weak is?