Balancing invasion

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May 1, 2017
Over the last couple of days on the forums, I've seen ppl saying they want certain classes and maps removed. However, I feel changing them would be better than removing them for most of them. These are just ideas I came up with, feel free to leave your ideas in the replies.

Add a five second cooldown for placing TNT. This will help nerf creeper and demo which ppl have called annoying as all ppl seem to do with them is destroy the entire map.

I've seen ppl saying the strongest classes should be removed bc they're too OP, yet complain that wither isn't good bc a noob complained about it being OP and he wasn't good enough to get the points required, so it was given a cooldown. I feel like on average, the stronger classes should cost more points than the weaker ones. I think there should be a couple of the stronger classes that are cheaper like the weaker classes so new players can get something where they can compete with experienced players. Scout and builder suit this role, although scout is too strong for 100 points imo, so maybe they should have their prices switched, with builder being 100 and scout being 200.
Sniper has been one of the main classes complained about for being too OP, I have a simple solution for this. Replace its ability where all its bow shots are twice as powerful as another class would be using the same bow with a power enchant on its bow, either lvl 1 or 2. This way it'll still be a strong class but not unfairly strong on the defending team on divide in games the size that we currently have enough players for. You may think halving the number of arrows it spawns with would also help to make it more fair. It could also do with an increase in price.
Pyro costs over 1K points, but is pretty much useless. I think its fireball launcher and ammo should be replaced with a bow with flame 1 and fire aspect 1, with 16 arrows. Fire res as a constant effect or fire prot on its armour would also be fitting.
The TNT cooldown I suggested would nerf creeper and demo if implemented, but that's not the only nerf for these classes I have in mind. Significantly reducing the amount of TNT they spawn with, which is 16 for creeper and 64 (2x32) for demo. I think creeper should have it halved, same for demo, which could even be changed to have a quarter the TNT it does.
Then there's wolf, the other explosive class. I did use this one in early 2017, just a few months before Shock shut down, but can't remember the number of bones it spawns with, but it should be changed to 16 at most if its currently higher. Another nerf would be to have a 5 second cooldown on throwing the bones.
I don't rly understand why forester has a sharp 2 diamond hoe when its main use is growing trees. I think it should be replaced with an unenchanted stone or iron axe, which is faster for breaking wood, and would also make it stronger in combat.
Thief has been complained about for being too OP, I think it should be nerfed to only being able to steal one effect and one item from each player on the opposing team, which only refreshes when the thief dies.
I've also seen complaints about ninja being too OP, a simple nerf would be to either change its speed effect to 1 instead of 2 or to increase the cooldown on the star which it uses to blind opponents.
Barbarian's upgrades should be capped at prot 2 diamond chestplate and sharp 2 diamond sword.
These are some new classes I've come up with. Some may sound OP, but I have also included balancing features.
Cost: 1500
Armour: full leather
Weapons: power 1 bow
Other items: 8 arrows
Effects: none
Special abilities: if an arrow shot by this class hits an opponent, lightning will strike that player. However, the class won't be able to start charging its next shot til 5 or 10 seconds after firing.
Cost: 900
Armour: full leather with gold chestplate
Weapons: knock 1 stone sword
Other items: speed 1 pot (90 seconds)
Effects: none
Special abilities: none
Cost: 400
Armour: full leather
Weapons: wood sword
Other items: fishing rod
Effects: none
Special abilities: can pull opponents towards it by reeling a fishing rod in that has them hooked, like rods work in 1.9.

Replace the power 2 bows near the defenders' spawn with more power 1 bows in divide.
Open the world for doublecross in MCEdit, select the area of the map, save it as a schematic file, go into Minecraft, create a void world using the superflat type with generated structures off, exit out of mc, open the world just created in MCEdit and import the doublecross schematic into it.
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Oct 20, 2018
I like the ideas. But i think the main thing i disagree with is sniper instead of having a 100% damage increase maybe change it to a 50% increase. Or keep the 100% and make it so it only applys to the normal bow instead of having a sniper on divide 1 shotting with power 2 bows.
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Oct 20, 2018
I suggested that back at the start of 2017, but then I came up with what I suggested here a couple of hours before making the thread. Your idea's still good.
Yeah let's just hope some how we can get more devs other than just the Savior Paw
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