Helios Minecraft Rules

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Dec 13, 2016
Global rules

1. Keep chat appropriate -

No suicide encouragement (kys go drink bleach, etc); no excessive swearing; no swearing at players;​

no spam; no explicit discussions; no discussion of drugs; no racial, religious, or sexual slurs; no​

trolling or starting fights; no arguing in public chat​

2. Don’t argue with staff - their word is final

3. No toxic behavior -

No griefing, trolling or stealing; no bullying or harassing players; no badmouthing players, the network​

or the staff/owner, no bypassing filters;​

4. Don’t be disrespectful to other players

5. No hacking, exploiting bugs or glitches -

hacking includes anything that gives an unfair advantage over other players​

Server specific rules


No teaming unless in team mode


No more than 10 boats or minecarts (No throwing minecarts on the road)

No lag machines

Keep all builds PG

Role play should be done in plot chat not public chat


No spawn camping

No tp trapping or tp killing
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Not open for further replies.