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Dec 12, 2016
Hello all.

First of all, I want to apologize for my lack of a attention I have given to Helios.
I could go on with excuses and what not, but I just want to leave all that behind.

Come to think of it, in December the idea of Helios would be a year old.

So, here is what is going to happen.

We will be removing our current game lineup and in it's place, we will create prison, deadlyfe, FTB beyond, and others of the like. These game types are ones that I know how to get going, and can explore other options in the future.

FTB is in the works at ftb.heliosgaming.net
You can join and go about the spawn for the moment.

Deadlyfe is something that Nick is going to start building here shortly.

And I can't wait to get started on prison, it always was one of my favorites.

Once again, I apologize for the many months of nothing, and hope to make a wonderful community again.
Apr 28, 2017
Any reason why you picked FTB beyond? I haven't played it yet but I did played FTB Infinity, until I got back onto the server I was playing on after being away for a month and learned that if you don't log on in a month you lose your claims and my base was emptied out so RIP 100 hours of gameplay. Anyway, the thing I really missed while playing it was the magical crops mod which is really a fun mod growing your own minerals and FTB Beyond also don't have that, since I heard its a lot similar?

Have you tried Project ozone? That on an open world shaped like the end world instead of an island is really fun and hard since you only start out with a few lives and need to complete quests to get more, you should check it out.


Hi everyone
Apr 29, 2017
If your going to stay then don't be a dick. We got, what? 3 devs (then again moon doesn't know a lot (ily moon dun hurt me)) and they all have things to do irl. If you want stuff done faster, offer to help. Learn to code and see if they will accept you. Then learn how hard they have it.
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