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Our First Contest!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Moonless, Jul 8, 2017.

By Moonless on Jul 8, 2017 at 12:00 PM
  1. Moonless

    Moonless Administrator

    Dec 13, 2016
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    [Update 1]
    So, we actually had a tie!
    @DiamondHunterToo and @origamifish both will recieve their choice of gift card!
    You guys can PM me for your card details!
    [End Update]

    Hi everyone!

    We have two games modes out now in beta testing, Survival and Skywars but we need your help. No matter how much testing we do behind the scenes, when a game mode goes live there are going to be bugs and glitches we did not find. To that end we are asking our players to lend a hand to help us find and fix these issues. We thought to help inspire you to help us out we would make a contest out of it.

    Here is how it will work. For every original bug or glitch you report you will get a point. The person to get the most points after 30 days will receive a prize. Prizes will be announced at the start of each recording period. Our first prize is going to be a $25 gift card!

    To be considered an original bug or glitch
    1. You must be the first to report it

    2. The bug or glitch must be recreatable. Please include how to recreate the problem in your report

    3. It must be reported in writing on the forums under Private Questions

    4. It must be an actual glitch or bug, not just something that you think needs to be changed.

    5. The admins will be the final judge of what counts or does not count.

    So get out there and play the game and find us some bug!

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Moonless, Jul 8, 2017.

    1. Fingy
    2. DiamondHunterToo
      nice will my bug I found count?
    3. Dxmxn
    4. Koi
      *click* nice!
    5. Moonless
      Yes it will. In fact you found two so you get both!
    6. Moonless
      oh btw the I feel cozy spam is NOT a bug or glitch...that is just annoying.
    7. SheriffTurtles
      what happened to helios its like a hole new other server now its server that makes servers
    8. Dxmxn
      How is it making other servers?
      Koi likes this.
    9. Moonless
      Not really sure what you mean here. We are talking about Helios MC here in this post. We always intended to have more than one game mode. You may have us confused with another Helios?
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    10. trouvaille
      If you have snw.io it takes you to minehut. You need to type the new ip heliosgaming.net. It used to work but not anymore.
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    11. John
      it gave me a confusion
    12. DiamondHunterToo
      Yeah it took me to another server and it was confusing me.
    13. Jory
      I noticed that as well, what's Trent up to o-O
    14. SheriffTurtles
      i think the problem was i had the old ip for shocknetwork XD sorry for that but I fixed it
    15. SheriffTurtles
      yo wassup my man
    16. SheriffTurtles
      thank you i figured it out XD i should have gone on here
    17. FlamingPaw
      So, we actually had a tie!
      @DiamondHunterToo and @origamifish both will recieve their choice of gift card!
      You guys can PM me for your card details!
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    18. Koi
      Can you plz have a look at my bug report? I submitted it in the private questions forum during the contest and it still hasn't been seen. I don't think I can play survival while the bug's there unless I want to die.

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