Skyrealms: reborn

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May 1, 2017
Seems like many ppl here agree with @Thane that skyrealms should be bought back. So I've created an idea for skyrealms to be reborn on Helios. I have also built some starter islands, one of each major biome. They all have their own advantages, with the mesa having what's needed to farm wood and cacti without leaving the island, the jungle having more wood than the rest and having what's needed to farm cocoa beans without leaving the island. Some have challenges involved to get started, the mushroom island needing you to get a bit of the dirt cut off from the mycelium takeover to grow trees, and the ice spikes requiring you to dig through snow to get to dirt. Tell me what you think.

Gamemode idea:


Above: a gif showing the extreme hills, jungle, mesa, mushroom island and plains islands.