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Dec 13, 2016
Hi folks,
Sorry for the lack of presence on the server and on the forums. Recently I had my whole world turned upside down and have been trying to deal with a lot of personal stuff. Hopefully that will be over soon, but I have not been able to be on top of anything on the server in the last few weeks. Paw has also been dealing with a lot of personal stuff and so our opening has been delayed. I understand that our personal issues are not your problem but I ask for a little understanding. Things should be getting back to normal soon and progress will resume.

In the meantime, Skywars is up now and I hope people have been having fun on it. I know Thane has already been into the void but I suggest that a few people join him and show him a game can be fun instead of letting him play in the void.

Thanks for the patience you have shown and when I have an update I will let you know. Fingers crossed.