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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Moonless, Apr 30, 2017.

By Moonless on Apr 30, 2017 at 9:47 AM
  1. Moonless

    Moonless Administrator

    Dec 13, 2016
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    Welcome to Helios Gaming!

    Helios Gaming started as a dream between three individuals who wanted to build a different type of gaming community, one that had evolved from just Minecraft to include other types of games.

    Starting with just a few servers our hope is to provide a great gaming experience with a close knit community that keeps players coming back. Having fun and making friends with games that you love is our goal.

    We have big plans for the future but we are dedicated to making each addition perfect for our players to ensure your continued enjoyment. So join us on this journey to build an incredible environment for players to have fun met new people and make friends.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Moonless, Apr 30, 2017.

    1. Dxmxn
      Is there any timeline/infromation for when things will be released?

      also first
    2. Thane
      So hyped. Can wait to play with everyone again! Miss our little community.
    3. Moonless
      We actually have 12 people registered right now, besides the staff I mean. Not a bad start for essentially a TTT server at this point. And we do not have a timeline just yet. We are only doing a soft opening at this point for our MC server but our TTT server is up and running already. I feel like next weekend we are going to start asking some people to test for us and if that goes well the weekend after that we would have our public opening. BUT don't hold me to that because we have not created a timeline yet. We want to make sure that if we do give you a date that we can live up to that. So for right now that is just an estimate.
    4. Dxmxn
      Forgive me for not knowing the terms, but what does a soft opening entail?
    5. Thane
    6. John
      Soft opening - we'll let a small group of players to come test the new server
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    7. Dxmxn
      Dam, was interested in seeing the new server. Can't wait though
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    8. John
    9. Dxmxn
      double wink
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    10. Thane
      Do you mean blink?
    11. ToxicEmma
      triple wink?
    12. Dxmxn
    13. Moonless
      Yeah Soft Opening means that we invite a "select clientele" to help us start the server up, check out any issues that might still need to be resolved, and basically see if when you play you break stuff. After that, and if you don't break anything to major, we would open to the general public. It's a chance to shake out any bugs or problems that we were not able to find when we tested the server.

      However, we will still be a beta server until we get everything we want in place. We are starting our beta server with just a couple servers and will grow as we are able to, making sure that things are done right. We want to make sure we can handle the stuff we have and that we can deliver on things when we promise them. The "other network" had so many issues when we started that we were never able to fix it all and move forward. All the time we had was spent trying to fix stuff. This time we want to spend our time making new game modes, adding new features, and making things better for our players, not fixing stuff that we did not break.

      Helios Gaming is all about over delivering, not over promising.
    14. Dxmxn
      So for the soft opening, how is the test players sellected?
    15. Moonless
      We will be inviting people so you will get a message from the staff when it's time for us to do the soft opening.
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    16. Anestis21
      will shock's globally banned people be unbanned here
      be able to join here**
      Last edited by a moderator: May 2, 2017
    17. Moonless
      We are not affiliated with Shock Network. We are a separate gaming community. However if you have been so bad that another server has you globally banned it is quite likely that you will soon be banned here as well. Also this is NOT a haven for the hackers, cheaters, and toxic players to come. If we see such players disrupting our community we will ban them. This is a gaming community that is SAFE for ALL our players. If you can not abide by that then you are not welcome.
    18. Thane
      So all banned players..... are back.....
      Hawkins5, JewishJerky, etc?
      O yay. Staff gonna be in overdrive for a long while
    19. Dxmxn
      o h m y g o d
      n o t a g a i n

      not after we just got rid of him
      not again
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    20. Thane
      I think I broke it *poke poke*
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